CCU CI helps support teach instructions as well as provide access access to software used in the classroom. The HPC is used as the primary tools for some of the courses, particularly at the graduate level.

Ph.D. Graduate Courses

  • CMSS 530: Fluid Dynamics
  • CMSS 534: Atmospheric Physics
  • CMSS 611: Atmospheric and Oceanic Modeling
  • CMSS 610: Temporal and Spatial Analysis
  • CMSS 620: Scientific Computing in Systems Science (to be implemented)

Undergraduate and Masters Courses

  • PHYS 310:Mathematical Methods in Physics
  • CSCI 416: Linux Systems Administration
  • IST 670: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
  • IST 677: Data Visualization

Research Training

In addition to in-class learning, CCU CI is an integral tool in undergraduate research projects (e.g. 399 and 499 courses) and Theses of Coastal Marine and Wetland Studies (CMWS) Master’s students and Coastal and Marine Systems Science Ph.D. students.