High Performance Computing (HPC) Clusters

Funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Major Research Instrument (MRI) under contract AGS-0958616, the SANTEE and PEEDEE high performance computing clusters are part of the CCU Cyberinfrastructure Project.  Boasting 112 enterprise-level physical CPUs with 720 processor cores and 5504 GiB of error-correcting memory.  These HPC cluster nodes rely on a Cisco Nexus 10Gbps backbone infrastructure for job scheduling and communication and a Mellanox Infiniband data pipeline utilizing numerous disk drives for data storage.  The SANTEE and PEEDEE clusters are the primary tools for computing intensive research projects and numerical modeling courses at Coastal Carolina University.

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Coastal Carolina University CI Project Clusters
To see the SANTEE and PEEDEE clusters in action, visit https://hpc.coastal.edu.

Need Help?

For these services, please visit our CCU CI Helpdesk.  At this time, these services are provided on a best-effort basis without mandatory cost recover.