The CCU Cyberinfrastructure (CI) Project involves efforts of many people, whose aim is to provide a much-needed research platform and teaching support for faculty and students. In addition, CI aims to help train students (at the undergraduate and graduate level) in computing-intensive research to further their preparation for advanced education and the work force.

CI Team Members

Trained Students

  • Rangley Mickey (now: a Contractor at Cherokee Nation Businesses)
  • James Perkins (now: at Naval Warfare in Panama City)
  • Renee Richardson (now: a Ph.D. student at Florida State University)
  • Brian Rogers (now: a M.S. student at Coastal Carolina University)
  • Danielle Tarpley (now: a Ph.D. student at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science)
  • Olga Tweedy (now: a Ph.D. student at the Johns Hopkins University)
  • Ben Whetstone (now: a Software Engineer at EMC)