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8-) 8-) Research based MacMods
8-) MacMods

Middle School Lesson Plans from the 2008/09 Project
Middle School Lesson Plans from the 2009/10 Project
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Area of Study

Scientific Inquiry

Toxic Takeover
Dolphin Data
  • 8-) 8-) dolphin-data.pdf Dolphin Data - A look into variables.– Using sighting data and water temperature to explain independent/dependent variables— Dani Silva August 20, 2013
Does Shape Matter?
  • 8-) 8-) beak-lesson.pdf Does Shape Matter? Students will use tools to mock bird beaks and will identify the difference between variables in an experiment.— Brittany Hoffnagle August 20, 2013

Life Science Grade 7

Human Body

Stimulus/Response Lab
Doctor, Doctor. What's the News?
  • doctor-doctor-lesson-plan.pdf This lesson is a fun way to review diseases. I have modified it to include technology such as the use of IPads. A similar lesson plan can be found in the 2013 middle school lesson plans tab. Original lesson author: Jenny Amos, GK-12 institute.
  • disease-list.pdf The list of diseases was given to each group as a reference guide
  • doctor-doctor-qrcodes.pdf QR-Codes with each patient's information (occupation, history, symptoms and any lab results).
  • patient-write-ups.pdf Patient's information (occupation, history, symptoms and any lab results)in a pdf document.
  • doctor-doctor-diagnosis.pdf Diagnoses sheet to turn in.—Dani Silva November 17, 2013
Comparative Anatomy Lab
  • comparative-anatomy-lab-stations.pdf This is a review lesson for human body systems. The lab stations give information on bottlenose dolphin systems. Students are expected to know about the human body systems. Comparison are made using a graphic organizer.
  • comparative-anatomy-lab-studentsheet.docx Graphic organizer. Students may complete the student sheet using their Ipads, word processing programs, or a printed version.—Dani Silva May 17, 2014


Dolphin Genetics
  • 8-) 8-) dolphin_genetics.pdf This lesson plan was modified from both Jamie Brusa's and Jessica Conway's genetic lessons. Punnett squares and dolphin cards were used to look at population survival after a disease outbreak. IPads were used, but it can also be done on paper. Pre and Post quizzes are included. PS: Please contact Jessica Conway for the dolphin cards.—Dani Silva January 22, 2014

dolphin-genetics-procedure.pdf This is the procedure for the students.—Dani Silva January 22, 2014


Fun Foam Food Web

7th Grade Supporting Material

Data Toss
Observation and Inference

7th Grade Review Material

PASS Review Games

Kahoot it is a web-based tool to quiz students individually or as a class. The following links are quizzes based on exams and organized by topic. You may print students progress and use it as a graded activity.

Scientific Investigations
bacteria and protists
Human Body - Levels of Organization
Digestive System
Nervous system
cardiovascular system
respiratory and excretory systems
muscle, skin, and bones
soil and groundwater

PASS Review Flashcards

Quizlet is a web-based flashcard app. Flashcards can be created by either teachers or students and they can be shared with anyone by a simple link. These flashcards were created specifically to review for PASS testing.

scientific investigations
Human body

PASS Review Scavenger Hunt

This is a smaller version of Maddy Gills' activity. It is meant to be used inside the classroom, but it is adaptable. In this version, each QR-code has 3 questions. After questions were verified by the teacher, the kids need to find a numbered Easter egg inside which a clue leads them to the location of the next QR-code. There are 7 different sets of questions and 3 QR-codes for each set.

Earth Science Grade 8

Plate Boundaries

Oreo Earth; That's how the Earth Crumbles

Rock Cycle

Rocks are made for Eating!
Crayon Rock Cycle
  • crayon-rock-cycle.pdf Use crayons to model the life of a rock through the three major rock types, igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. — Amy Grogan October 20, 2013

Topographic Maps and Satellite Imagery

Knuckle Mountain
  • knuckle-mountain.pdf Knuckle Mountain!!!! The students will convert their finger mountain into a flat topographic map and understand that the distance between contour lines can elude to how steep or how flat mountain terrain is. — Brittany Hoffnagle October 24, 2013
Carolina Bays/Satellite Imagery
GIS Investigation of the Carolina Bays

Earth's Biological History

Reinforcing the Scientific Method with Adaptations
The Geologic Time Scale
  • Geologic Time Scale ppt. geologic-time-scale.pptx Powerpoint presentation introducing the Geologic Time Scale, the three major Eras and the dominant organisms present in each era, as well as key adaptations and changes in Earth's climate. — Amy Grogan December 3, 2013

Earth in Space

Modeling the Solar System
The Solar System
  • The Hip Hop Solar System. This is a print out representing each planet in our solar system as well as the sun with a hip hop artist. Each artist has their picture on a planet and a corresponding rap bubble that includes defining characteristics of that planet. This was very relevant to my 8th grade students and helped them remember information about the planets.

Amy Grogan March 4, 2014

The Moon
Singleton Swash: Moon Phase Sampling Schedule
Remote Sensing
  • remote-sensing.pdf Discovering Remote Sensing with iPads. The students will use their iPads and the ESRI app to understand the capabilities of remote sensing by looking at various maps. — Brittany Hoffnagle March 17, 2014
  • remote-sensing.pptx Powerpoint reviewing remote sensing.


Gummy Bear Light Party
Light in the Deep Ocean
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