Amy Grogan


I'm originally from the small coastal town of Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey. Growing up on the shore inspired my love of the sea and all things marine science! I began my upper level education at Richard Stockton College where I majored in Marine Biology. Before pursuing a graduate degree I had the opportunity to volunteer with NOAA Fisheries Science at the James J. Howard Marine Science Labratory and work as an environmental educator for Nature's Classroom in Ivoryton, Connecticut. Working for Nature's Classroom was one of the my most rewarding and enjoyable experiences and I'm thrilled to be able to continue working in environmental education while completing my graduate work.

My academic interest in a broad sense is marine ecology with a focus on fish ecology. My thesis research examines the effects of a harmful algae species on an estuary fish. To me this project is the best of both worlds as it incorporates both lab and field work. Throughout my educational career I've had the opportunity to learn a variety of marine science techniques and skills and I am eager to share my experiences with students! Education is my passion and upon graduating from Coastal Carolina University I plan on continuing to a doctoral program. I feel the best way to use one's education is to pass it forward and my career goal is to become a college professor. I'm very excited and grateful to have the opportunity to be a GK-12 fellow.

Check out my research! The effects of harmful algal toxins on estuary fishes

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