Beckett Hills


Growing up in different areas of South Carolina, I was drawn to being outside, splashing around in creeks, paddling whitewater, or surfing while at the coast. I always enjoyed learning about the natural habitats and animals around me, and as I gained more independence traveling to see new places became increasingly important. I earned my undergraduate degree in Geological Sciences from Clemson University in 2002 and completed two senior thesis research projects: 1) An examination of the macrofaunal assemblage in the Pee Dee formation near Florence, SC, and, 2) Geologic factors affecting delta formation: a small-scale physical model approach. Directly after graduating, I pursued a career for 10 years as a wilderness educator with different programs such as Outward Bound in Oregon, California and Idaho, and the Chadwick School in Los Angeles, CA.

While delivering expedition based curricula as a river, rock climbing, and mountaineering instructor or on professional development trips, I had the pleasure of working and traveling within diverse ecosystems throughout the west coast. Unique places like glaciated peaks of the Central Cascade mountains, temperate rain forests of the Rogue River Wilderness area deep in the heart of Oregon's Coast Range, big whitewater on desert canyon rivers the west is so well-known for, such as the West Water and Grand Canyons of the Colorado, Salmon, Snake, Owyhee, Deschutes and San Juan, or climbing rock, high in the alpine terrain of the Sierra Nevada mountains or in the stark Mojave desert in and around Joshua Tree, California.


During my time as an experiential educator immersed in such ecosystem diversity, understanding ecological functions that included both physical and biological processes made the natural environment even more interesting to me and motivated me to pursue my present track with Coastal Carolina University. I am engaged by organisms and their habitats, especially how both are distributed across landscape. My future goals in research are to continue building towards an academic career in spatial and landscape ecology, researching the biotic and abiotic processes at work within aquatic and terrestrial environments that determine the organization and function of ecosystems.

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