Brittany Hoffnagle


I grew up in York, Pennsylvania; where the York Peppermint Pattie was invented. As I child, I remember going to the beach, fishing for flounder and setting blue crab traps in the Delaware inlets which is what sparked my interest in the coastal environment. I pursued a Bachelors Degree in Marine and Environmental Biology at Millersville University. During school, I spent my summers at the Marine Science Consortium in Wallops Island, Virginia taking various field courses in the marine sciences.

After college, I had the opportunity to travel the country for a bit and had some great experiences along the way. I have educated the youth about environmental science in Delaware and North Carolina, observed Bald Eagle behavior in Arizona and collected behavioral data on Humpback whales in Massachusetts. Through my adventures I discovered that it is increasingly important to educate children about the sciences and enable them to use their curiosity to discover all things outdoors. This GK-12 opportunity will allow me to gain valuable teaching experience but will also allow me to share my passion for the sciences and the outdoors.

My research is focused in conservation ecology. I will be traveling to Ecuador to study tropical bird diversity at a heavily impacted coastal wetland in the Northwestern corner of Ecuador. High rates of deforestation in this region of Ecuador continues to threaten the biodiversity and may also have negative effects on birds that require large areas of intact forest. For more details check out my Tropical Bird Diversity in Ecuador research page!!!!

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