TealVirt Computer Science Virtual Environments is a software system created by Dr. Michael Murphy of the CCU CSCI department designed to give students virtual machine environments while they are using the graphical application servers of CCU CI. That means, no longer do students need powerful personal computers to run virtual machines for their course work. Instead, they run a controlled virtual machine environment, configured by their instructor with exacting hardware, for specific operating systems. The virtual environment can be started and used as a virtual machine from the ciapp graphical application servers of CI, the ones accessible from a web browser. Yes, you read that right. Students can have uniformly configured virtual machines, regardless of their personal computer specifications, accessible from within any web browser.

Within TealVirt, students can start and stop virtual environments as necessary, review log entries for QEMU/KVM, and review the status of their virtual environments. The most often used portion of TealVirt is the ability to create a date/time stamped, watermarked PDF screenshot package of the virtual environment. The PDF screenshot documents are watermarked with the student’s name, the date, and current time of the screenshot capture. This helps to prevent plagiarism caused by students sharing screenshots of assignments. After the screenshot packages are created as PDF documents, those can be uploaded to Moodle, emailed, or submitted in any method chosen.

When launching TealVirt, students will log into CI through the Discovery Portal (https://ci.coastal.edu/portal), then choose the Guacamole Web Desktop application. Students are shown numerous ciapp graphical application servers available for their use, nearly all with TealVirt access. From within the ciapp graphical application server, students will launch TealVirt under the Applications – Education menu option. Students will choose their professor, choose their course, then choose the virtual environment or virtual machine they wish to launch. During the initial setup, students will “Prepare the Environment”, a process that is only done once for new virtual environments. Subsequent launches of virtual machines only require the student to “Start the Virtual Environment”. This launches a virtual machine window within your ciapp web desktop. From there, the TealVirt menu remains active with options to stop the environment, view logs, create screenshot packages, and quit.

If you are interested in having this software system available for your course and students, please complete and submit the form located on the TealVirt Request page.