Wave-Turbulence Interaction

SANTEE and PEEDEE will be used to run the Spectral Multidomain model to perform three-dimensional large eddy simulations (LES) of flow condition (like along the coastal region) that contains surface waves, turbulence, and currents (pictured below). A new method based on Principal Component analysis will be applied to the LES results to better quantify turbulence. This effort is led by Prof. Roi Gurka in the School of Coastal and Marine Systems Science.

Caption.  Conceptual flow geometry. A propagating monochromatic surface wave with a vertically decaying induced velocity field drives, along with a pre-existing steady background current, boundary layer turbulence that extends across the water column. Red dashed lines represent the truncated top boundary of the computational LES domain, which employs periodic boundary conditions in the horizontal (the turbulence is homogeneous in the spanwise.


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