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Chanticleer Live

Chanticleer Live is a Linux environment that can run in a virtual machine, from a live DVD, or a live USB stick. This environment is based on Kali Linux and was primarily developed for the CSCI 434/534 (Digital Forensics) class. However, it does contain a copy of Eclipse and a Java compiler for general use.

If you are on campus, use a WIRED connection.

If you experience a problem with an incomplete download, use Mozilla Firefox to download this file. Check the file size after downloading to be sure it's close to the published size. Internet Explorer and some versions of Chrome may have difficulties downloading files over 2 GiB in size.

Chanticleer Live (Spring 2015) (3.3 GiB)

MD5 Sum: 9bb1fb9576c55eb348ca9141602a1bc4

I have recorded a video tutorial demonstrating a way to use this ISO file with VirtualBox.