Sharon Larimer Gilman
Professor of Biology



CV: pdf link

Biology Courses Taught:


  • Biology 121: Biological Science I Lab
  • Biology 122: Biological Science II
  • Biology 122: Biological Science II Lab
  • Biology 101: The Science of Life
  • Biology 365: Evolution
  • Biology 370: Principles of Ecology Lab
  • Biology 436: Animal Behavior
  • Biology 485: Vertebrate Zoology


Research and Scientific Interests:

  • Marine/Environmental Education -Evaluation
  • Undergraduate Science Education -Evalution
  • K-12 Science Education -Evaluation
  • Science Education for In-Service Teachers -Evaluation
  • Marine Fish Ecology

Professional Memberships:

Current and Recent External Grant Funding:

Horry County School District. 2015. Coastal Math Science Partnership. SL Gilman, Evaluator and CCU PI. $100,800 (CCU's share), SC Department of Education, August 2015-August 2018

Horry County School District. 2011. Coastal Math Science Partmership. SL Gilman, Evaluator and CCU PI. $686,000, SC Department of Education. April 2011-August 2014.

Gilman, CS, RF Young, KS Godwin, SL Gilman, AM Hitt. 2008. Gk-12 Fellows Linking
Marine and Wetland Research with Science Education in Coastal Carolina Schools. $2,294,030, National Science Foundation. June 2008-May 2013.

Gilman, S. L., K. Fuss, A. O’Brien-Gayes. 2007. Building and Applying Remotely Operative
Vehicles to Integrate STEM Research into the Freshmen Experience. $8000, SC Space Grant Consortium, May 2007-April 2008.

Luken, James O. and Sharon L. Gilman.  2006. Coastal Quest:  Developing a Learnscape Approach for Edutourism.  $74,611, National Science Foundation, Jan. 2006-Dec. 2007

Selected Publications:

Gilman, Sharon L. and Martha C. Fout. 2017. A bold experiment: teachers team with scientists to learn Next Generation Science Standards. The Learning Professional 38(1): 24-29.

Gilman, Sharon Larimer, Hitt, Austin M, and Gilman, C.  2015.  Training master's-level graduate students to use inquiry instruction to teach middle-level and high-school science coneepts. School Science and Mathematics 115(4): 155-167.

Gilman, Sharon, and Cynthia Lilly. 2013. Having pHun with soils. Science Scope, May/April: 61-67.

Gilman, Sharon L.  2006.  Do On-Line Labs Work:  as assessment of an on-line lab on cell division.  American Biology Teacher.

Gilman, Sharon Larimer and Florence Eliza Glaze.  2005.   How science survived:  medieval manuscripts as fossils.  Science 207:  1208-1209.

Gilman, Sharon L. and Richard Valliere.  2003.  The time-distance-direction navigation connection.  Current:  J. of Marine Educ. 19(3):  27-31.

Libes, S.M.,  J.T. Bennett, S.L. Gilman, V.L. Dunham, and J.P. Idoux.  2004  Undergraduate institutions as catalysts for integrating research across disciplines and communities of learners. In:  Kauffman, Linda and Janet Stocks (eds.),  Reinvigorating the undergraduate experience:  successful models supported by NSF’s AIRE/RAIRE Program.  Council on Undergraduate Research.  ISBN #0-941933-26-1.

Durbin, E.G., R.G. Campbell, S.L. Gilman, and A.G. Durbin.  1995.  Diel feeding behavior and ingestion rate in the copepod Calanus finmarchicus  in the southern Gulf of Maine during late spring. Continental Shelf  Research  15(4/5):  539-570.

Durbin, E.G., S.L. Gilman, R.G. Campbell, and A.G. Durbin.  1995.  Abundance, biomass,vertical migration, and estimated development rate of the copepod Calanus  finmarchicus  in the southern Gulf of Maine during late spring.  Continental Shelf Research  15(4/5):  571-591.

Gilman, S.L.  1994.  An energy budget for sand lance, Ammodytes dubius, on Georges Bank, 1977-1986.  Fishery Bulletin.  92(3):647-654.

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