Wetland Ecology for Teachers

BIOL 778, Summer I

June 14-July 8, 1999

Science Room 102

8:30-11:30, M-Th


Instructor(s): Sharon Gilman and several guests

Office: Center Trailer (next to greenhouse)

Office Hours: after class each day

Phone: 349-2248(w), 365-5547(h)

Email: sgilman@coastal.edu

Web Page: http://www.coastal.edu/science/biology/sgilman/bio778

Text: Niering, W.A. 1997. Wetlands. Alfred A.Knopf: New York. 639p. There will also be notes and links on the web page and handouts as needed.


1. To increase teacher-participant’s general knowledge of wetland habitats.

2. To introduce teacher-participant to the possibilities of exploring wetlands with their classes.

3. To increase the ability of the teacher-participant to critique and adapt available laboratory and field activities.

4. To increase the ability of the teacher-participant to develop original classroom modules.

This class is not targeted toward any specific grade level but is designed to teachthe teacher about wetlands so that they become more comfortable with teaching the subject. It is expected that assignments will reflect the grade level at which each teacher typically works.


Your grade will be on a percentage scale based on the following:

Total points available: 175

(175-158 = A; 157-140 = B; 139-123 = C; 122-105 = D; <105 = failing)

Course Schedule

Date Subject/Assignment Lab Exercise
June14 What is a wetland? Modeling Wetlands
June15 Types of Wetlands Wetland Identification
June16 Hydrology/Soils Soils and stuff
June17 Activity #1 due; Field Trip SC Wetland: Playcard Env. Ed. Center
June21 Quiz 1; Plants and Adaptations Know your plants, Delineation
June22 Animals and Adaptations Animal/Plant Adaptations
June23 Field Trip SC Wetland: River marsh

(Dr. Eric Pauley)

June24 Activity #2 due; Primary Productivity Estimating Production in a Wetland
June28 Quiz 2; The food web in a wetland Webs and Pyramids
June29 Round and Round: Biochemical Cycles Nutrients or Nuisances?
June30 Biodiversity, Endangered Species, so what? Pieces of the Puzzle
July 1 Activity #3 due; Field Trip SC Wetland: Carolina Bay

(Dr. Joe Pinson)

July 5 Quiz #3, Methods and Issues of Protection Public Forum
July 6 Wetland Protection: What if it’s your land? Laws. The River Project
July 7 Field Trip SC Wetland: Saltmarsh
July 8 Quiz 4, Module due Module discussion, wrap-up